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Production Process

Happy Inflatables Co., Ltd.

1. Business Negotiations

Different customers have different requirements, we adopt different models to talk with them, generally speaking, we will confirm the size, color ,quantity with them, and whether the customers need to make a sample at first or not.

Business Negotiations

2. 3D Design

Our designer will design the product the according to the customers requirements. You can offer the pictures in any format made by Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDRAW.

3D Design

3. Digital Printing

After the worker get the 3D design, they will star digital printing, meanwhile, we will arrange the worker to test it whether the digital printing meet the customers requirement or not .

Digital Printing

4. Computer Cutting

After the Digital printing finish, we will adopt the computer to cut the material, so that we we can ensure the precision of cutting, if the customers have special requirements, we will adopt the artificial cutting.

Computer Cutting

5. High-Frequency Sealing

We will use the High-frequency to product some accessories and sealed inflatable products, suck like inflatable helium balloon, inflatable water park and inflatable mirror ball etc.

High-Frequency Sealing

6. High temperature welding machine

If the customer need the sealed products, we will adopt the High temperature welding machine to product it. Like some big sealed cartoons, giant water park, it will good for people to playing in this and good for heath. Because we don’t use the glue at all.

High temperature welding machine

7. Sewing Machine

For the Sewing machine, if the customers place an order about inflatable Santa Claus, cartoons, air dancer and inflatable slide, we will use the difference wire to sewing it, for example, inflatable slide, we will adopt the nine strand wire, and the air dancer we will adopt the six strand wire.

Sewing Machine

8. Text

When the product has been done, we usually test it in 48 hours, so that we can ensure the product not to seal leakage. That is why we get many good feedback from our customers.


9. Package and Delivery

We usually use the carton to pack the small items, for the giant product, we will adopt the pvc tarpaulin bag to pack it. In addition, we are strict with the courier, they must handle them with care.

Package and Delivery