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Happy Inflatables Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer ,specializing in inflatable products in 2002
Guangzhou, China.

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Will you be the last man standing with the amazing Sweeper? The sweeper is a great addition to have at sports events, camps and team building events.

Inflatable Sweeper attraction
The Sweeper mat is a challenging, active game where each participant must try to remain on their platform the longest. Pay close attention, because the rotating posts in the middle will knocking you off before you know it. This inflatable truly is a fantastic game for everyone!

The Mechanics
Additionally, the control unit weighs 17kg and comes in a convenient case. In addition, should you already have the sweeper mechanics, we can supply you with a new, durable and amazingly designed inflatable.
Consequently, the sweeper is super secure and fully certified.

Warranty and Safety
Consequently, we will give you 1year warranty on the inflatable and a 1 year warranty on all accessories and parts of the sweeper. Furthermore, the new “pyramid” where the sweeper is situated on, is made so that it does not have any sharp edges or corners where the riders can scratch themselves on.

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Go the distance with this super fun inflatable beach foot volley game! With the fun colors and style, this inflatable is sure to get you and your friends active this season!

Inflatable Beach (foot) volleyball field
This inflatable beach foot volleyball net can be placed everywhere! Within minutes you and your friends are off playing a nice game of  foot volleyball. For beach soccer/volleyball, this playing field is perfect! The net is no doubt adjustable in height. The inflatable has beautiful tall palm trees for a nice fresh summer atmosphere. This way you feel like you’re at the beach having a fun and relaxing time!
How to play ; Instead of using your hands, like in volleyball, use your feet to shoot the ball over the net. Points are scored when the opponents ball touches the ground. In addition, points are also scored when the opponents make a fault, such as touching the ball twice in a row. There are 3 matches; the first to reach 18 points in the match, wins! The team with the most matches won, wins the game. Should there be a tie, then there is a sudden death match.

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Happy Inflatables Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer ,specializing in inflatable products in 2002
Guangzhou, China.

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