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    • First
    • Order
    • You can directly by telephone, fax, email, website ordering or system consulting and ordering our company to provide gas-mode products.

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    • Second
    • The product size and type
    • We can produce the inflatable products you need according to the size and style of your choice.

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    • Third
    • Ordering Steps
    • 1. You first confirm the order and pay the deposit.

      2. The factory according to your request to design, after completion by mail or fax to confirm with you.

      3. The factory started to produce your customized inflatable products.

      4. By mail, QQ, WeChat gas die finished physical map to your final confirmation, and pay the balance.

      5. Finally, arrange delivery of the goods.

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    • Fourth
    • Price
    • 1. You can find inflatable product information online to find or telephone inquiry.
      2. For your customized inflatable products, please e-mail to provide the specific requirements of the production, we will be the first time for your quote.

    • 4

    • Fifth
    • Confirm the Order
    • Please order the inflatable product number, picture, size and other requirements:

      1. Send to the e-mail: To 18898419002 ( Abby) 18826410004( Ann ) 18898458001(Eva)

      2. Online message fill order information

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    • Sixth
    • Deposit and Payment
    • You need to pay a 50% deposit and deliver the balance after we make it.

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    • Seventh
    • Delivery Deadline
    • Our company routine delivery is 6-25 days; that is, from the date of receipt of the deposit, excluding transport time. Specific time to be based on customer orders inflatable products the size and size of the decision.

    • 7

    • Eighth
    • Transport
    • 1. Domestic customers can by air, the time required for a day, rail, road transport, the time required for 1 day to a week.
      2. Foreign customers can by air: the time required for a week, shipping: the time required for a month or so.
      The above information is for reference only, the specific time according to the actual situation of transport.

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    • Ninth
    • After-Sales Service
    • Our factory in strict accordance with your request to produce all kinds of gas-mode products. And promised once the product has serious quality problems, you can re-produce or return your goods.

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