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Bosing Paper wine holder manufacturers create wine boxes, which become more popular in these years with the grow up market of wine .


In china ,wine market grow up 22.8% every year since 2013.Wine is the symbolize of high level life .

To make wine sell well ,the packaging is very important .wine boxes is a hot product now .It’s not only a simple box ,it’s an art to serve as a foil to the wine .Attractive boxes change the level and image of product .Because people can not see products until opening it .Packaging is the first image of  products .That’s why wine packaging is an important art .

The material of wine box usually use silver paper or golden paper ,and additional process is embossing ,hot foil stamping ,Spot UV ,With visible window and so on .

The thickness of the box is 600gsm ivory board or use corrugated board box ,it’s strong enough to hold 1-3 kgs wine .

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