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Pet Food Pouch Plus Pocket Zipper

Pocket zipper is also known as front zipper. It is a built-in zipper on one side of the flat bottom pouch, mostly the pocket zipper is attached on the front side of the pouch, that’s why someone also call it the front zipper. Unlike the other zipper, pocket zipper is a set of zipper to replace the traditional pouch opening and storing method.


Pocket zipper included a front tag plus a connected plastic tape as the opening part, and a normal zipper below as the storing part. 

What makes the pocket zipper be an independent product in the business? Let say what the characteristics of the pocket zipper are.

Pocket zipper is a set of zipper with opening method and storing accessories. When customers using the pouch with it, they will never wonder the chipping after tearing open the pouch. In normal pouch zipper plus tearing notch, people need to care if the chipping will full out because the pouch is too wide open. Pocket zipper is always connected with the basement of the set. LD PACK can do it for you.

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