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Inflatable Mirror Ball for Decoration

[Model Description]  The 2018 Art Festival Beijing Design Art Expo, the cooperation between Lefeiyang and the “Design Defense Team” will be a new breakthrough for the company. We will also adhere to the company's sincere attitude and professional service, which will soon go further and further in the gas industry. The model person here represents the "connection now" designed by all employees of Lefeiyang for this design defense team. Thanks and honors for the mirrored products of the future sensory design feast.
[name ]  mirror pillar
[material]   Mirror ball and PVC liner
[color]  silver
[process]   high temperature heat sealing
[size]  6 meters high
[Scope of application]  Shopping mall decoration, hotel decoration, holiday decoration
[inflated state]  use air pump inflate


Happy inflatable Co., ltd get involved in art work.We invented inflatable mirror balloons,we also dedicated to create new shape product with the same material.This time,we cooperate with Ducth Lab and produce this inflatable pillar with light.Silver material with the light has made a feeling like it turn the color into gold,it’s more luxurious and solemn.

DESIGN RANGERS draws inspiration from the 19th century Neo-classicalism. Combining Baroque’s entities with a rational spatial layout, coupled with strongly reflective metal materials, abstractly expresses the infinite possibilities of space creation. The fantastic and sensational volume, the rapid rising momentum, and the fantastic blend of spaces all bring a sense of phantasm. The coffee machine breaks the illusion and reality. It is a creation of transitions and compromises, rules and distortions, straightforwardness and distortion. DUTCH LAB is a mixture of the times and innovation, creating a beauty of fantasy.

Design Rangers

DESIGN RANGERS is a Korean design team integrating architectural design, space design, graphic design and product design. This year, DESIGN RANGERS brings the DUTCH LAB products introducing the exquisite luxury of visual experience. The unique design will present a visual feast and sensual pleasure to the audience of Design Beijing 2018.

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