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Inflatable Military Tank

Feature Advantages:

Not only do they closely resemble real aircraft, tanks, and other equipment visually, but they also replicate their thermal and radar signature. To radar and other long-range scanners, these dummies are virtually indistinguishable from real equipment.

Basic information:
Material:Oxford or pvc or tarpaulin
Major Purposes:
1.Decoying and misleading enemy forces in modern defense war, in the meantime,
protecting the real equipment.
2.To be used as destroyable target in the military training and practice.
1.1:1 ratio to real equipment
2.High resemblance, higher than investigation level
3.Infrared and radar reflective fabric makes the dummy target distinguishable from the real equipment.
1.Easy set up and dismantle
2.Light and small after deflated
3.Easy to store and transportation with lower cost
4.Re-usability & long lifetime Cost Effective
Packing:By carton
Shipping way:By air, sea, express
Accessory:CE/UL Blower and repair kit


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