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Inflatable Outdoor Camping Tent Transparent Bubble Tent Clear Dome Tent Movable Hotel


Material:0.8mm PVC

Size:5meter diameter.

Inflation Method:Fan

Inflatable Gas:Air






Transport Package:CTN Packing + PVC Bag

HS Code:9506990000






2018 "" Bubble Hotel" transparent tent - romantic travel to Seven Miles!

Inflatable people Water park manufacturers 1 week ago
      The summer wind is blowing warmly, passing through the hair through the ears, you and my summer, the wind gently said,,,, and so on the way along the way to the song, and soon came to " Bubble Hotel "installation site - Conghua Tourism Scenic Area "Seven River Land". According to customer Liu, the reason why it is called "Seven Rivers" is because there are seven beautiful streams and rivers connected. I can't help but think of a poem "Seven streams flowing through the sea, ten miles of green hills and half into the city". Although I don't know that this poem does not match the beautiful scenery of this Qixi land, it is definitely beautiful. Beauty is not beautiful? See the picture below.

I wants to take all the beautiful scenery to the bottom of the picture, not letting any beauty, keep it forever.

    The creek river is crystal clear, it is a mountain spring water, you can drink it directly.
Bubble tent
      Haha, have you found the highlights? Yes, yes, it's our bubble house tent. Is the transparent white color very conspicuous? Don't look at this little transparent tent, there are oh, there are beds, tables, chairs, sofas, racks, baths, bathtubs, everything you think of, there are hidden small secrets. You can soak in the hot springs inside and watch movies inside. That's right, I didn't get it wrong. These can be achieved, this complete set of bubble tents is not just as simple as a mobile hotel. Do not believe, you come to Qixi to experience a turn.
Bubble Hotel
       Imagine living in this warm and romantic bubble room with my loved ones. I enjoy the first sunshine in the mountain forest in the morning, absorb the fresh air, and walk hand in hand with the lover on the beach, rowing a small wooden boat and listening. The sound of nature flowing, the beautiful song of the birds. After a day of tiredness, I can go back to the "bubble tent" and prepare carefully prepared ingredients. I will hold a barbecue party with my lover on the beach, and bring the delicious food to the "transparent tent" with love. "Let's watch 3D movies together. Then, while lying in the bathtub in the bubble tent, you can read the book while you are soaking in the hot spring bath. At the end of the last day, you can sleep in the bed beautifully, look up at the stars, and fall asleep beautifully! Is it very beautiful?
Beautiful woman in Qixi
After the hard work of my colleagues, a transparent bubble hotel tent was finally installed.




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