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Inflatable Bubble Tent For Camping Outdoor Hotel


Material : 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling

Size : 8.4*5.7*3.45m

Color :blue

Packing size : 125*125*100cm

Weight : 227kg

Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional

capacity:5 persons

install:10 minutes


Nowadays, domestic land resources are becoming more and more scarce, so it is more and more difficult to build famous places in some tourist attractions; and it is not cheap to build a famous place in these places. However, it is the problem we should solve! Therefore, our Guangzhou Lefei Ocean Gas Model has also created a series of outdoor inflatable tent series of inflatable products, and in this series of products, our bubble house is considered to be the best in sales.
The reason why our bubble house can be sold in domestic and foreign markets is because our air product quality is trustworthy and craftsmanship. The inflatable inflatable products can replace the cumbersome reinforced concrete, and the house sounds incredible, but we did it, and the effect is very good! Not only is it easy to install, but it has a high safety factor; indoors, you can see the blue sky in the morning, and the stars and the moon in the night with the blink of an eye. To give you a comfortable and cozy home, the difference is the hotel's service.
The bubble house not only allows you to experience the different natural scenery, but also allows you to talk about the beauty of the green mountains and green waters with your family and friends. Inflatable products, we are serious; Lefeiyang "air model manufacturers" according to your needs, tailor-made different models of air products for you.

This is the Inflatable tent with eye-catching white and large space. It includes with beds, chairs, tables, sofa, clothes rack and bathtub. You can enjoy hot spring and film in the inflatable tent. It's more than a portable hotel.

Image, you live in this romantic house with your sweetheart. You enjoy the the sunlight in the forest and the fresh air. Walking along the beach on bare foot and enjoy the barbecue, or listening to the murmur of the little brook. What a wonderful day.



Can be used for outdoor exhibition, product promotion, celebration party, tourism and leisure. Also, it can be a landcape area of leisure facilities for a long time and shot operation. The device equip easy for opening and closing.

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Competitive Advantage:

1). Reinforced seams with double&triple stitches and strips at each joint to protect bouncer area and seams, the bouncer are more durable and safe with it.

2). Each inflatable toy is equipped with thick D anchor point, it’s used to be fixed on the ground and remain steady.

3). The entrance is safe for playing and easy to open and close. 

4). Various design with beautiful digital printing;

5).Sample order is acceptable, the lead time is 7 days after received sample fee;

6).Client's design, size and color is acceptable.

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